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R.I.P.P.L.E. Icons as of Nov. 4,

“In your education, your schooling, the academic world tells you that the family is the first unit of society and that is what we have lost, family. This problem is not germane to any one group. It has taken over all people and all religions. All religions are suffering the corruption of the family”

(from After Difficulty: Insights of W. Deen Mohammed on Pain and Suffering).

When it comes to common challenges related to marriage and family have you ever wondered, "What would Muhammad the Prophet do?" Prophet Muhammad (Prayers & Peace Be Upon him) is described by G-d as a Mercy to all the worlds and the most excellent model (of conduct).  He enjoyed 25 years of blissful monogamy with his beloved first wife, Lady Khadijah (May G-d be Pleased with her), prior to her passing.  As a Muslim Marriage Model, Muhammad the Prophet was the ideal husband, father, provider & sensitive, loving, protector!

MUSLIM MARRIAGE MAKEOVER (MMM) explores the importance of cultivating a “marital mindset” in our youth and young adults and explores the purpose and benefit of “doing the constant work” of creating and sustaining healthy, happy, productive marriages and families. This is the ultimate foundation for the establishment of successful, thriving community life, especially for our children. MMM also provides practical, faith-based solutions to common marital tests & challenges. 

These solutions educate both males and females on how to avoid common pitfalls in marriage or resolve issues quickly so that the union consistently remains whole, healthy and intact before and after children are born. MMM addresses how misogyny, patriarchy and following “Unenlightened Traditions” contribute to the destruction of marriage and family life. In this regard, MUSLIM MARRIAGE MAKEOVER examines contemporary issues that affect the stability of marriages & home life including but not limited to: the treatment of women, gender stereotypes, work-life balance, shared household and parental responsibilities.

The 6 universal principles of “The R.I.P.P.L.E. Effect” (MUTUAL Respect, Intimacy, Partnership, Peace, Love & Equality) are used to explore all topics and provide peaceful resolution to common marital tests & challenges. MMM utilizes the “unadulterated” guidance of the words of G-d in the Qur’an, the authentic life example of Muhammad the Prophet, and the commentary of Spiritual Leader and teacher Imam W. Deen Mohammed to discuss:


  • Respect for G-d & Respect for Marriage as a Sacred Institution

  • Mutual Respect & Intimacy Between Husband and Wife

  • Husbands and Fathers as Consistent Loving, Emotional, Spiritual  Financial Providers & Protectors for Women and Children as well as the Importance of Their Consistent & Active Presence in the Lives of Their Families

  • Female Liberation, “Freedom & Flexibility,” and Consistent Support Systems for Wives and Mothers

  • Shared Household and Parenting Responsibilities

  • The Mutual Need for Self-Care & Work-Life Balance


***In this regard, the message within MUSLIM MARRIAGE MAKEOVER is universal and transcends race, religion, socio-economic status, and various levels of spiritual and educational achievements in society.


" ... This is a very important book for our community ...  It deals with critical issues - a lot of these issues - marriages have broken up, families have broken up because of Miseducation, Misunderstanding, Misdirection, and Confusion about Gender Roles, Responsibilities and Rights. These are things that can be corrected, it can definitely be corrected with the right education and the right information ...  It's an excellent book and an excellent resource for us ...

This book can be given as a gift to our young people for them to read. It can be an instructor's tool for teaching our young people as well. So tell everyone about this book!


This is something we should align our thought processes with and challenge our thinking ... The whole book is just a catalyst to the way we think and understand marriage, relationships, roles ...        it's very good whether you read it as an individual or you read it in a group ...  

It's good to be challenged in our thinking."


MMM Testimonial from Sis. Munirah Habeel,

Co-Host AM360 "Courtship & Marriage Learning Lab"

Make Waves in Your Marriage Today with "The R.I.P.P.L.E. Effect!"

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